Rosehaven Homes

Rosehaven Homes

To build homes that made families feel happy and comfortable, both on inside and out. Achieving this mandate meant building to a higher quality – better architectural design, better materials, and better workmanship.

We quickly established ourselves as leaders and award winners in the new home industry. Since 1992, our portfolio has grown to include over 6,000 homes, all across southern Ontario and the GTA.

Our homes are built to the highest standard – the Rosehaven standard. We build with the aim of distinguishing ourselves from other builders, with a difference in our communities, in our homes, and in the overall home ownership experience. The combination of exquisite architectural exterior and interior design, superior construction quality, and unparalleled customer service are only the start of the homeowner’s experience.

Stand outside any Rosehaven home and you will notice a difference. Open the door and you will see how a Rosehaven home stands apart from any other home that you have experienced.

As a result of our dedication to excellence, many Rosehaven homeowners have become repeat customers. They spread the word to their friends and family – something that we are extremely proud of. This speaks directly to the high level of satisfaction our company delivers. We believe our sought-after reputation is a direct result of our attention to customer service and satisfaction.

It’s our primary goal that from the first day they purchase from Rosehaven, and each day afterward, each homeowner says, “I am happy, I am comfortable…I am home.”








145 Reynolds St (Suite #300)
Oakville, On L6J 0A7


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