Dessert lovers rejoice! Downtown Oakville’s newest cafe, La Diperie (187 Lakeshore Road East), offers everything from donuts to ice cream to cheesecake – all dipped in your choice of over 30 dips and 20 toppings. What’s more, they’re open late, making this the perfect spot for a post-dinner sugar fix.

La Diperie originated in Montreal in 2014 and quickly gained fame for their Instagrammable dessert creations. The menu includes donuts (mini and regular sized), cookie dough, soft-serve, ice cream sandwiches, cakes, hot chocolate and more. They even offer a few vegan options.

How it works – simply select your treat from the menu board. Then, choose your dipping sauce and topping and watch them bring your creation to life. With toppings ranging from gummy bears to Lucky Charms, there’s no shortage of delicious combos you can create.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try one of their custom creations like their famed Cotton Candy Burrito – an ice cream sandwich wrapped with a thin coating of cotton candy.

As for Oakville’s favourite topping? Owner Abdelali Rabia says it’s the praline dipping sauce. Try it for yourself this weekend – your sweet tooth will thank you!