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At Inside Story Fine Lingerie, our goal is to reduce the percentage of women wearing an ill-fitting bra. More importantly, we are very passionate about the tremendous positive feelings of comfort, support, physical and mental uplift our customers experience after being professionally fitted. The after-effect of being properly and professionally fitted is, a slimmer silhouette, a lovely uplift of the breasts and a mega-boost of self-confidence – all in a very beautiful, well-crafted bra design that is right for you. For the fuller-busted women, a the correct fit makes one look like they are actually smaller in the bust, as well as giving the impression that they have lost at least 5 to 10 pounds.

Our staff are both educated and experienced in European custom bra fitting standards that have been in existence for decades. There is never a need for measuring tapes. Our staffs’ experience, expertise and vast selection knowledge allow us to guarantee that we can fit you anytime at your convenience.