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17 years ago, Patrizio Del Bianco moved his Toronto based business to Oakville with the vision of creating M for Men, a lifestyle destination, more than a clothing store. M for Men quickly became a gathering spot for the fashion-conscious. Younger clientele were eager to build a wardrobe worthy of their up and coming status while more mature men weary of their old suit and tie wanted something that took them out of the workplace.

For the past 17 years, the owner of M for Men has sent everyone on his client list requests for donations in support of the M for Men Toy Drive. “I feel that we are so lucky to have so much, which makes sharing our good fortune absolutely necessary,” said Patrizio.

The store’s contributions to the Toy Drive began at the very beginning when Patrizio moved his Toronto business to Oakville (340 Lakeshore Rd. E.) in 2002, expanding the shop’s sportswear repertoire to include handmade suits from Pal Zileri’s Sartoriale line.

The clean, tailored craftsmanship synonymous with European clothiers dominates Patrizio’s inventory such designers include Pal Zileri, Lab, Xacus, Donald J Pliner,

Gran Sasso, Jacob Cohen Jeans and hand-made shoes by Di Bianco. From extreme style to classic lines, M for Men offers a vast selection of business casual to denim.


340 Lakeshore Rd. E.
Oakville, On L6J 1J6


Phone: (905) 338-0388 Email: shop@mformen.com Website: www.mformen.com Social media info:


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