This Code of Conduct for members of local boards and advisory committees. Formalized standards and guiding principles help to provide a useful reference guide and a supplement to the legislative parameters within which members must operate. Members shall act with honesty and integrity, serving in a diligent manner, and performing their duties in a manner which promotes public confidence.

This Code of conduct (Code) is a general standard. It augments the laws which govern the behaviour of members, it is not intended to replace personal ethics. This Code cannot anticipate all circumstances in which members may need to exercise judgment. It is the responsibility of every member to conduct themselves ethically and professionally. Members seeking clarification on any part of this Code should consult with the Integrity Commissioner or Town Clerk.

Members must recognize the need to uphold both the letter and the spirit of the law including policies adopted by Council.  This Code is consistent with the principles of transparent and accountable government, and reflective of the town’s core values.

Procurement Policy By-law