SEEK, and ye shall find. The thrill of the hunt – the joy of discovery! If you’re looking for a hip, funky, shopping adventure, check out Downtown Oakville’s hottest new gallery! Seek Studio’s mantra of “everything is interesting” prepares shoppers for curated consignments of art, décor and so many other cool finds. “Art and Eclectica, The New, The Vintage, The Up-Cycled and the Re-Born.” It’s all in the Hunt!



Owner Josee Boisvert and pal Tam Boyko express prolific collaborative energy. They have introduced through friends about 12 years ago. Tam became Josee’s dedicated realtor counsel and through many properties bought, improved and sold since then, a creative and close friendship evolved. It was destiny when they first laid eyes on 131 Lakeshore Rd. East (after a gorgeous warm outdoor Friday lunch at Paradiso in mid December). They immediately knew that there was potential underneath the dust. It was the perfect space to express their idea for a different kind of gallery. This cool new environment was set up in only a few days! A lockdown could happen, and did, but Seek has plans to thrive and evolve!

A work of art expresses not only the maker’s, but also the buyer’s, personal emotion and joy. Tam calls this recognition impact a “must-have situation”, meaning; you may not necessarily be seeking it, but when you find it, you’re bringing it home with you! It’s love! This can happen any time, any place. You see it in a window – Boom!



Seek’s primary featured artist is Bill Boyko. Seek knows how important art is to ambience in a home. The Studio provides a living environment for art and objects to enhance each other. Seek Style is perfectly represented by Bill’s work – contemporary, elegant and cool, textured, vibrant and versatile.

Josee also feels it’s important to help our younger generation of ‘makers’. SEEK YEA! (Young Entrepreneurial Artists) supports young local creative talent and encourages these artists to be active with their passion. Seek is currently featuring four very talented young artists ranging from 16 to 23 years old. Their support for these young artists and their Studio speaks to what Downtown Oakville is all about: unique and stylish and a very proud and strong business community.



Although currently closed for Covid, Window Shopping Is Encouraged, if you’re out for a stroll!  Call us and we will find a way to bring our finds to our Stage Front Window. Why Wonder? Just Call! 905-601-7335. Or email Marie-Josée at

Located at 131 Lakeshore Road East.  Check them out on Instagram @seekstudiooakville and to view and shop online is COMING SOON!