Eat what you want and still live your best life. Meet The Simple Kitchen!  This vibrant market-style café joined the Downtown Oakville business community at the end of January. It is 100% Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Paleo and Keto focused. Ultimately, they’re keeping it Simple!



Gianfranco Paniconi, the proud franchise owner, planned a soft opening in late January so he and his team could gain a better understanding for the dietary, product and brand needs of the Downtown community. “My goal over the next while is to bring more options to my clients as I get to know them better.”



Gianfranco was in food services and retail (sales and strategy) for 24 years when he discovered that he was gluten intolerant. So, 10 years ago he was put to the task of eliminating all gluten and dairy from his diet. Meal planning was challenging at first, especially with a young family, but it became second-nature very quickly. That was a turning point for him. It was then that he became a frontline business owner…so he could offer his family and clientele just what he needed back then, and now…The Simple Kitchen! “I didn’t want to retire and think ‘I always wanted to do that, but I didn’t’. And that is exactly why I transitioned from the corporate world to here…my new home…my new family…in Downtown Oakville. My family is so proud and are a big part of this journey.”

The cornerstone of The Simple Kitchen company name is about keeping the ingredients clean and fresh and not processed. And most importantly, providing people with healthy options. Their latest collections are full of items you’ll love. From All Day Breakfast, Soups and Chili (including the BEST homemade Keto Chili ever!), Coffee Mixology and Smoothies to All Day Bowls and so much more!



So, what’s most important to Gianfranco in his business? That the product is fresh and tastes good and that the brands are recognizable. But, most important, that clients are happy. “We want to educate the community about our gluten free market-style café and what we offer. The Simple Kitchen is a place where people who are restricted elsewhere (in the dietary sense) can come and eat and enjoy healthy food. And, of course, smile at the same time!”

Since they opened their doors in January, they’ve seen 3 things from clients: generosity, kindness and incredibly positive spirits. They truly believe that in the Downtown there is a vibe and an energy in everyone. “We have found our niche, our spot. It’s incredible to see and hear the positive feedback and support we’ve received so far from the community. It has been overwhelming and very much appreciated!”



When you stop by for a visit, be sure to try one of their signature selections and see what everyone’s talking about. Energy Toast, Mighty Coffee, Chicken Spinach Soup…and don’t forget their Tavares Power Bowl (yes, as in John Tavares!). The Simple Kitchen partners with the John Tavares Foundation, and is committed to inspiring the next generation to build a better world for themselves and the generations that follow. They want to help kids everywhere understand the importance of proper nutrition and embracing healthy lifestyle options that fuel both their passions and potential and shape their own future. By equipping them with essential resources it supports their physical, cognitive and emotional well-being.

So, Downtown Oakville open your arms, because The Simple Kitchen is here to stay! And, of course, they’ll ensure they will be patio-ready when the nice weather arrives!  Also, stay tuned for their official grand opening…their brand suppliers will join in the fun and there will be some very exciting product giveaways!



The Simple Kitchen is located at 137 Lakeshore Road East. You can also visit their website at or check them out on their Instagram @thesimplekitchenoakville.